How the PROJECT came to be!

In 2015, because of a unfortunately separation I had to move away and left our rescued dog ” Willow” with my daughter. She loved him more then anything as well as the rest of the family. I missed Willow but I know he is very happy with her and that is all we want, “a loving and health relationship. 

I will post pictures and videos of WILLOW. You will love him.

After some time, I decided that I was ready to get another best friend.  At the Humane Society, I originally selected BJ, an Australian Shepherd, beautiful and very smart. However, when we went back to do the paperwork, he was not in his cage. I said to myself, “well he’s gone, I shouldn’t have waited. He was perfect, but I will have to find another one.” My friend, Jerry, was with me and looked at one Labrador mix named Marty. (Later I changed his name to REX)

When I went to sign the adoption papers, I mentioned that I came for BJ but that he was gone and that is why I was taking this one. The lady at the desk said, “No, he is here. He probably went for a walk.” We said, “That’s OK. We don’t think it was meant to be, so Marty it is”.

What Rex Did For Me

He not only saved my life. He’s made me a better person and I see the world in a totally different way.

My new best friend was a beautiful Labrador mix who I renamed Rex. I changed his name to Rex, because Rex was the name of my father’s best friend dog when I was little.

Rex was 2 ½ years old when he was surrendered to the Humane Society. He lived there for an additional 2 ½ years before we I adopted him. During the 2 ½ years that Rex was at the Humane Society, he was adopted two times by two different people and returned both times. I still cannot figure out why. My Rex learned how to sit, roll over, and stand up etc. in just one week! So smart and lovable!

Having lived in the U.S. for over 20 years, I am still amazed at the American people’s love for dogs and their tendency to treat them like they were their kids. One day, it suddenly dawned on me, after being by myself for sometime, ” I wished some people would Love Me Like a Dog– They have an unconditional love.

I have always loved dogs and used to teach them all kinds of tricks. I never loved the licking though. Once Rex came to live with me, I slowly started to become more comfortable with his affection toward me.

Rex always slept in another room or sometimes by my bedroom door. One night, Rex came to my room, jumped on my bed and started licking me and poking his nose in my face, trying to wake me up. When I finally did, I was like… what are you doing here? A second later, I started to shake and felt my body go cold, as if I had low blood pressure. I am diabetic and I am always careful about what I eat. This was that second that my blood sugar level had dropped too low, causing hypoglycemia.

Rex saved my life that night! Luckily, I was able to reach my school bag, that was by my bed, as I had studied till late, and grab some sugar pills that I always carry with me.

I can’t imagine my life now without Rex. I guess my wish of being loved like a dog became a reality. So, I went and registered the name “Love Me Like A Dog”. That was five years ago and at the time I thought, if God one day would let me, I would give back to all dogs in this country in appreciation for what Rex did. I also would give back to the Veterans of America, others like children with medical condition (disorders) and vision impaired individuals who could benefit from a friend like Rex as a support dog, like he became for me; also in memory of my father who did teach me the unconditional love and served as a military in Brazil. Rex not only saved my life but he made me a better person in many different ways.  

Since then, Rex sleeps either on my bed or on the floor next to my bed. I must add that kisses and licking is a must between us. I can ask for a kiss in Portuguese or English and he understands. In fact, there are several instructions that he understand only in Portuguese or English and some he knows in both languages.

I registered him as a support diabetic dog and he has his own ID.

“We don’t always get the dog we want, but we always get the one that we need.”

-Cesar Millan

The corona-virus has affected everyone in different ways. For me, I lost my job.

The virus has caused disruptions on relationships, finances, health, deaths, etc., but it has also provided us humans with the opportunity to evaluate ourselves. What are we doing in this life? How do we behave towards one another? What do we want to accomplish to benefit our children and future generations? Maybe, most importantly, we have come to appreciate what we do have.

Through this self-reflection, a light bulb went off as I started to see people caring for each other like sharing food, helping the elderly during this pandemic, and I started to think…. people finally love like a dog!!

So, today I say it is time to do what I’ve always wanted to do. Give back to dogs for what Rex did for me.

I have sold all of my possessions and purchased a truck and an RV “toy hauler”, to be able to travel the entire USA for this mission.

I know it is a big commitment, but I always accomplish what I set my mind to it. I will be working my “tail off.” There is no wagging time for me. lol

As part of this journey, to help dogs across the U.S., I have realized that the longer I live, the more dogs I can help. So, I quit smoking, changed my diet and am experiencing another improvement in my health because of Rex.

You will be able to track our journey (Rex is of course coming along!) every step of the way. Check “Our Travel” page.

Please visit our other pages, make comments, give us suggestions and donate if you can, even if it is a single dollar. Every dollar helps.

If you wish to get involved in the mission, you can become a helper/volunteer. There are so many ways you can help, besides making a “Donation”. You could help write articles for our blogs search for Grants opportunities, help to write them, and lots more. We could use as much help as we can get.

If you would like to talk about it, please send an inquiry via my CONTACT page, “Thanks”.

It is our turn to give back the unconditional LOVE!

“Together we can do this”